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Zilber Property Group'sSM has developed, acquired, and managed a number of properties and transactions as featured in our Case Studies. This is just a small representation of what we can provide for our clients.

OHL: Towne Industrial IV at LakeView Corporate Park


OHL, a leading provider of global supply chain management solutions, was looking for a facility to consolidate several distribution centers across the country for one of its clients in the pool chemical business. The 300,000 square foot requirement was unique as 50,000 square feet of the product needed to be housed in an H3 classified space (given the technical nature of H3 buildings, OHL typically pursued build-to-suit transactions for this need). OHL's objective was to find a location that would not only accommodate their physical space requirements, but also be advantageous from a labor and transportation cost perspective. Given its occupancy timing goals, OHL needed an existing building and could not wait for a build-to-suit project.


Zilber Property GroupSM quickly developed a thorough proposal for OHL that not only involved the required real estate deal structuring, but also addressed the business environment and business park infrastructure needs of OHL. In addition, Zilber Property Group assembled a design/build team that could understand the technical needs of OHL's use. We proposed cost-effective building modification solutions to a newly constructed 50,000 square foot speculative building that would accommodate OHL's H3 storage portion of the overall requirement. Zilber Property Group also facilitated local governmental meetings with OHL, providing confidence that the project team's approach would result in occupancy approvals.


Zilber Property Group successfully received approvals for and completed the necessary improvements to facilitate OHL's occupancy. This included a complete construction of a dropped ceiling throughout the entire warehouse facility. In addition, Zilber Property Group was able to fund these significant above standard improvements and include them in the overall deal structure which was a critical component of OHL's requirement.