Pabst Brewery kicked off the summer music season with a street festival party to celebrate its grand opening on May 13.

The event brought thousands to the all day event, at a location that had been abandoned for years until Pabst returned to Milwaukee with its craft beer operation. The brewery is located in a historic 144-year old building in the heart of the original Pabst Brewing complex in the former First German Methodist Church at 1037 W. Juneau Avenue. The grand opening street festival was held on Juneau Avenue between 10th and 11th streets and the adjoining area around the brewery.

An art gallery was on display for visitors, along with live painting area in a Pabst Open-Air Art Gallery, featuring artist Stacey Williams-Ng who recreated a work from Vargas in a 12’ x 8’ space with colored chalk the street.

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