The former site of the Pabst Brewery is in the news again as plans are unveiled for new condos and apartments. Already anchoring development in that city within a city—a district of turreted Teutonic castles and imposing crenellated strongholds—is the Brewhouse Inn and Suites along with its restaurant and bar, Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub, 1203 N. 10th St.

The Brewhouse Inn boasts impressive, one-of-a-kind suites carved out of the fortress-like brewery. Dominating the lobby and public spaces are giant copper brewing kettles where workmen once labored with hops and grains alongside beautiful countertops made from crushed beer bottles and tables fashioned from repurposed plank floorboards. Jackson’s Blue Ribbon Pub, formerly a warehouse where wheat and barely were stored, provides room service for guests and catering for events at the Brewhouse.

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